Our journey so far

There are 4 generations back from me, my father's grandfather's revered "late Kanhaiya Lal Khatri ji" is the founding member of this establishment! Late Kanhaiya Lal Khatri was born in the year 1876 as the firstborn child of late Baldev Prasad Seth, a Khatri of the prestigious Seth (Khatri) family living in Muzaffarpur (Bihar) for the last 4 generations in Kalantar. After the marriage of Sasaram (Bihar) in the Kapoor family in 1907, they became permanent residents of Sasaram (Bihar). After successful operation in the family background of a prosperous silver businessman himself, he was widely known! Be the father of 2 sons and 1 daughter between the years 1909-13 in Rajshahi lifestyle! After the untimely demise of the wife in the year 1920, due to deprivation of wealth in the event of depression and religious trends as well as the monarchical lifestyle, all the properties including business were destroyed and after being devoid of business, situated in the northern region of Sasaram Historic Sri Hanuman settled near the temple and started living in devotion! At that time there was no proper arrangement for the enjoyment of God in and around the temple premises! It was in the year 1920 that the temple family established a shop on rent in the temple premises by the Temple Steering Committee for the enjoyment of Lord Hanuman! A shattered family, struggling for livelihood, started to be established again after struggling with zero! Good character, dedication and after years of struggle, Hanuman ji's grace also supported the family's maintenance! Many times in the last 100 years, the owner has changed the form, name and generation of studies. Currently the fourth and fifth generations are serving with love and dedication! Later, the establishment known as Mamta Mishthan Bhandar, Jaya-Vijaya Sweet House and Khatri Sweets is the "Bajrang Bhog" today! Apart from the founder, other members of the family also operated this establishment from time to time for a short period! This establishment was run for a lifetime by my father late Vishwanath Prasad Khatri, the third son, the younger son of the founder late Kanhaiya Lal Khatriji and his elder son! About 35-36 years the founder late Kanhaiya Lal Khatri ji was serving and died in the year 1956; Both these members have an important contribution in recognizing Bajrang Bhog! All subsequent generations are getting the fruits of the hard work of these two members and will be! In the fourth generation of my father's only son, I myself have been serving the devotees of God since my father's lifetime in giving speed and respect to this establishment since 1985, from the age of 13 years to just 13 years! Today, Lord Hanuman's devotees reside in foreign countries also by the grace of God, who like to take prasad (enjoyment) of Bajrang Bhog on coming to India! Now my two sons of the fifth generation, Khatri Sai Satyam and Khatri Sai Shivam respectively, also rejoice by serving the devotees in my company during my academic holidays! On the auspicious occasion of the "Centenary Celebration Year" of this establishment, devotees are now being provided various facilities with the joint efforts of the fourth and fifth generations!

1920, as a result of the blessings of honorable customers who have behaved lovingly like family members satisfied with the efficient leadership, religious instincts, service sentiment, quality and dedication of the past 100 years, and the past 100 years of service and belonging. "Bajrang Bhog" established in the current year 2020 has entered the "Shatabdi Festival Year" with great pride and joy!